From: Exit Staff
Albania Demands European Parliament Action over French Far-Right MEP

The head of the Albanian Delegation in the European Parliament, Taulant Balla, has condemned the statements of the French Deputy of the European Parliament, Nicolas Bay, against Albanian people and called for disciplinary action.

During a visit to Kosovo, far-right MEP Bay called the Kosovo government an “extension of the Albanian mafia and the Islamicized Albanian state” while incorrectly insinuating Albanians were involved in the ethnic cleansing of Serbs during the Kosovo war.

Balla responded, “We will officially urge the European Parliament, in respect of its anti-racism and anti-discrimination regulations, to urgently condemn these irresponsible statements and to take disciplinary and legal measures against this member of the European Parliament as an inciter of hatred and ethnic and religious discrimination.”

He added that the Commission and Parliament had signed regulations against racism and discrimination, and therefore action should be taken to ensure the rules are upheld. He also suggested that Bay is being funded by Russian money to take such a stance.

Other comments that sparked outrage include, “Prizreni, a European city and the former city of the kings of Serbia, is today occupied by Muslim Albanians. In this land of Europe, churches have been replaced by mosques. Meanwhile, Western governments have looked the other way,” but also, “Kosovo is the heart of the Serbian nation. It is the historical cradle of Serbia. The future of our civilisation is at stake even here, in Prizren.”

Kosovo was subject to a brutal attack from Serbia in 1998-1999, during which thousands died, and over one million were displaced. Up to 20,000 men and women were raped, and many more were tortured. Over 1000 are still missing today, and Serbia refuses to acknowledge Kosovo’s independence and periodically threatens it with military action.

Bay was previously a member of the National Front under Marine Le Pen. He is now the Vice-President of Reconquete, led by far-right Eric Zemmour.