From: Exit News
Albania Makes Masks Mandatory as of July 15

As of July 15, Albanians will be obligated to wear face masks in all closed spaces.

In today’s press conference, Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu announced that masks must be worn in all closed spaces, including public and private offices, public transport, elevators, stairways, malls, shops, supermarkets, markets, and service offices.

Manastirliu said that wearing a mask is recommended by the World Health Organization as a highly efficient way of containing the spread of the virus. “The ‘sacrifice’ that is being asked of you is not lockdown,” Manastirliu said. “We are only asking you wear a mask to protect yourself and your loved ones.” 

State police, municipal police, and state inspectors are authorized to issue 2000 ALL (€16) fines to all violators.