From: Exit Staff
Albania Slips in Global Rule of Law Report

Albania has dropped three places in the Rule of Law Index for 2022, published by the World Justice Project, an international civil society organisation which analyses the progress of 140 countries.

The index for 2022 ranks Albania in 87th place among 140 countries, a drop of three positions since 2021.

The index is built based on eight factors, the first of which is that of limitations on the powers of the government, which also includes free and independent media. Albania ranked 105 out of 140 countries, slightly improving last year’s 109th ranking.

The lack of corruption is the second indicator analysed and considers three forms: bribery, undue influence from public and private interest and waste of public funds and other resources.

Albania ranks 107th in 2022, while a year ago, it ranked 105th registering a two-place drop, meaning the situation has worsened.

Open government is the third indicator and analyses the extent to which the government is transparent in sharing information, empowers people with tools to hold the government accountable and encourages citizen participation in public policy discussions. In this indicator, Albania is ranked 84th, while a year ago, it was ranked 82nd, registering another decline.

The fourth indicator for fundamental rights focuses on how the state respects the rights of its people according to national laws and international conventions. Albania ranked 63rd, falling from 62nd place last year.

Order and security is the fifth indicator that analyses how society guarantees people’s and property safety. Albania ranked 47th last year in this section and fell to 50th this year.

Enforcement of regulations rests on the extent to which rules are fairly and effectively implemented in the country, and Albania is ranked in 112th place, a four-place backslide from 2021.

Civil justice is the seventh indicator and considers whether ordinary people can resolve their grievances peacefully and effectively through the civil justice system. In this respect, we are ranked for 2022 in 98th place, while a year ago, in 92nd place, registering a six-point drop, despite the ongoing justice reform.

The last is the criminal law indicator, evaluating the justice system, including police, lawyers, prosecutors, and judges.

The narrator sees how effective the system is and how much it guarantees the finding of justice and the punishment of persons for criminal offences against society. For 2022, we are ranked 81st, dropping one position from last year.