From: Exit Staff
Albanian Constitutional Court to Review Legality of Decision to Demolish National Theatre

The Constitutional Court has decided to review the decision of the Municipal Council of Tirana, for the demolition of the building of the National Theater.

The request was made by the Legal Adviser of the Presidency, Bledar Dervishaj. He asked that the decision be submitted as evidence in the case.

The judges criticized institutions, the government, the municipality, and the presidency for the non-timely submission of other required documents.

“We gave the government time to bring documents. They didn’t bring them within the deadlines set by the court. We also conveyed this to the Presidency. We draw attention to the non-compliance with the deadlines”, the judges said.

On June 3, the CC accepted the Presidency’s request for additional evidence and rejected the request to call witnesses. The CC had set a deadline for the submission of additional evidence as June 8, and announced that it would start hearings on the new evidence on June 10.

The next hearing will take place tomorrow at 10 a.m.

The Presidency requested the abrogation of the decision for the transfer of the land from the Ministry of Culture to the Municipality of Tirana and the decision of the Municipal Council for the demolition of the building.