From: Exit News
Albanian Court Decides on Security Measures for Protesters Arrested after National Theater Demolition

Yesterday, the Tirana Criminal Court decided on the precautionary measures for the 8 protesters that were arrested during the May 17 protest that followed the demolition of the National Theater.

The court decided on “precautionary house arrest” until June 3 for Erik and Endrit Mërtiri, and “obligation to appear in court” for Bojken Abazi, the leader of Self-Determination (Vetëvendosje) in Albania, as well as Kastriot Qema, Romeo Lila, Ledion Xhoxhaj, Burim Tafilica, and Sokol Ndoja.

On Sunday, May 17, the police arrested more than 35 people but only 8 activists were detained and brought before the court.

Dozens of citizens and Vetëvendosje activists protested the decision outside the Tirana Criminal Court.

President Ilir Meta has labelled their detention politically motivated, and has demanded their release.