From: Exit Staff
Albanian Government Appoints New State Police Director

The Albanian government has appointed the new director of the state police after the previous director, Gledis Nano, was fired last week for not meeting objectives.

Muhamet Rrumullaku, the first officer with a 30-year-long career in the State Police, was appointed by Prime Minister Edi Rama on Wednesday in a speech that lasted over an hour and was full of criticism against Nano.

Rama said the police are at a crossroads, adding, “in recent months, the wicked and the wickedness within the species have taken a leap.”

Rama also had harsh words for the structures of the IKMT, in whose direction he brought back Dallandyshe Bici, who left there after unsuccessfully running in the parliamentary elections.

He mentioned the addition of additional illegal floors in towers around Skanderbeg Square while saying a blind eye had been turned but not in the case of simple people who “laid tiles without permission.

He also hinted that the police had not acted on reports from Italian partners about cannabis fields and imposed fines on businesses. Rama said that this happened “with the blessing of the boss or the boss of their boss because there is no way it could happen otherwise”.