From: Exit News
Albanian Government Bought Coronavirus Tests at Four Times the Market Price

On Tuesday, the Democratic Party (PD) accused the government of purchasing COVID-19 tests at a price 4 times higher than that of the market.

PD claims that, in one of the secret tenders the Ministry of Health signed urgently on March 21, the government bought testing kits for 8500 ALL (€68) a piece, a price four times higher than the market one 2100 ALL (€17).

Former Democrat MP Enkelejd Alibeaj claimed that the government classified the tender as secret in order to hide the price abuse, and denounced it as a crime, saying that a testing kit bought at 4 times the normal price, means some people go untested.

PD demanded the government cancel the tenders immediately and return the money to the state budget, saying that the money would be better spent to provide aid to families in aid and businesses in crisis.

A few days ago, PD also accused the government of buying masks and PPE at 2-3 times their market price.