From: Exit News
Albanian Government Imposes 18:00 Curfew and Ban on Sitting in Public Places

Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced new measures designed to crack down on the spread of Coronavirus in Albania.

In a Facebook post, he stated that as of 18:000 today, a nationwide curfew will be enacted. After this time, all inhabitants of the country are required to stay inside and not leave the house. The curfew will also be imposed every following day at the same time (18:00) until further notice.

As of tomorrow, fines and penalties will be introduced for anyone found breaking the order. Those that are found sitting in parks or other open environments, even outside of the curfew hours will be subject to punishment.

Rama apologised for the harsh measures but said there is no other way that the war against Coronavirus can be won. He added that there is no reason for anyone except those working in the basic pillars of the country’s economic chain, or those buying basic necessities such as food or medicine, to leave the house. 

“Hiking is not vital at this time of war, spending time in parks is unacceptable. Abuse me and mock me all you want, it’s no problem,” he said.

The government has repeatedly asked citizens to remain at home except for essential trips to the supermarket or pharmacy, but many have refused to do so.

It is not yet clear at what time the curfew will end in the morning and Exit will update with further information when it becomes available.