From: Exit Staff
Albanian Government Lowers Requirements for University Admission

The Albanian Ministry of Education has announced that it has reduced the minimum grade average required to attend university.

Currently, students who wish to pursue a university degree must have a minimum grade average of 7.5 out 10. But as of Thursday’s decision, a grade average of 6.5 will be required.

Minister of Education Evis Kushi said, “today’s decision gives high school graduates the possibility of finishing their studies with a 6.5 average to enter into university programmes at the bachelor level.”

She added that this would only apply to certain degrees such as foreign languages, biochemistry, maths, and physics. Kushi clarified that the government has decided to lower the GPA requirement due to the low number of students applying to university.

Likewise, those wishing to become study to become teachers will also see their GPA requirements lowered to 6.5. Although Master’s students will need a 7.5 GPA to pursue their studies.