From: Exit News
Albanian Opposition Leader Supports Kosovo’s Demand of Reciprocity with Serbia

Albania’s opposition leader Lulzim Basha slammed Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic’s threatening language against Kosovo and defended the latter’s rights to impose reciprocal requirements on Serbia. 

Basha tweeted on Tuesday, after his political opponent, prime minister Edi Rama, called on both sides to sit in talks.

He stated that Vucic used the same language employed by the Serbian regime when it waged wars in the region in the ‘90s. Basha stressed that Kosovo is now independent and relations with Serbia should be based on reciprocity.

On Monday, Kosovo decided to put in place the same requirement Serbia has been implementing for more than 10 years for temporary license plates for cars entering the country.

Vucic called this a “criminal act”, that was “brutal” against Serbs, and had vowed to retaliate with “painful measures.”

Basha also slammed the “Open Balkan” cooperation initiative launched by Vucic, Rama, and North Macedonia’s Zoran Zaev.