From: Exit Staff
Albanian Opposition Poised for Major Protest on July 7

Opposition leader Sali Berisha has called on Albanian citizens to join him in protest against the ruling Socialist Party in front of the Office of the Prime Minister on Thursday (July 7).

“Rama’s departure and resignation is the biggest goal of July 7 and the protests that will follow,” Berisha told media.

Berisha has been rallying his supporters for the past two weeks under the banner “Albania is in danger,” commissioning an ad and a protest song for the occasion.

He also held meetings with constituents around the country and the party set up Working Groups to speak with interest groups at the PD headquarters in Tirana.

The country’s other opposition party, the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), has confirmed their presence at the event.

Berisha has unparalleled support among his base and a long history of organizing well-attended protests. A significant turnout is expected during Thursday’s rally as well.

Meanwhile, some 1,000 police officers have been mobilized for the event, and special security forces have been place on high alert. Tirana’s main boulevard will be closed to traffic starting at 4 p.m., while the protest itself is expected to begin at 7 p.m.

Barely six months ago, he led a swath of his supporters to try to reclaim the party headquarters from then-chairman Lulzim Basha. While that attempted failed, in March he was re-elected leader of the Democratic Party with little challenge and almost unanimous support.

His leadership of the Democratic Party is contested by a small group of PD members who have taken the case to court and are awaiting a verdict from the appeals court.