From: Fortesa Kabashi
Albanian Parliament Approves Resolution against Dick Marty’s Report

The Albanian Parliament unanimously approved a resolution against a 2010 report by Dick Marty that accused Kosovo’s former president Hashim Thaci of war crimes after a marathon session on Thursday (21 July). The resolution will be submitted to the Council of Europe.

Marty was a Swiss rapporteur for the international human rights body who authored a 2010 report accusing Kosovo’s leaders of war crimes and organ trafficking. The report played a direct role in the arrest of Thaci who is currently in custody and undergoing trial at The Hague.

The resolution approved by the Albanian Parliament states that the allegations included in the report are “unproven and not based on evidence and facts, so they should be considered as such by all national and international institutions.”

It also asked the Council of Europe to review and amend its resolution on the “investigation of allegations of inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo,” in light of the evidence and facts that have come to light over the past decade.

While the resolution was approved unanimously by the Albanian Parliament, it was preceded by a drawn-out debate between the ruling Socialist Party and the opposition Democratic Party whose MPs demanded that amendments be included to condemn Serbia’s actions during the Kosovo War as genocide.

The amendments were not approved by the ruling majority.

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