From: Exit Staff
Lack of Candidates Thwarts Vote on President in Albanian Parliament

A first attempt to vote for a new President failed in the Albanian Parliament on Sunday, May 15, as members of parliament did not recommend a single candidate for the post.

The Albanian Parliament began the official proceedings for the selection of the Albanian President on Tuesday, May 10. Over last week, Socialist whip Taulant Balla meat with party leaders to reach an agreement on voting.

For Parliament to consider a candidate, he or she needs to be supported by at least 20 MPs. An MP cannot support more than one candidate. Since the Albanian Parliament has 140 MPs, that means that a maximum of seven candidates can be submitted to parliament for a vote as the next president.

The Constitution foresees five sessions for the president’s election. The ruling Socialists have the necessary simple majority to elect the president in the fourth or fifth session, while the first three sessions require opposition votes also.

Parliament will make another attempt to vote for the new President today at 4 p.m.

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