From: Exit News
Albanian Police Claim Protests Were Unrelated to the Killing of Youth  

The Albanian police have claimed that protests following the killing by a police officer of 25-year-old Klodian Rasha were unrelated to the incident.

Deputy General Director of the State Police, Albert Dervishi stated during a TV show on Wednesday that the police and intelligence institutions are investigating the purpose behind the protests. 

Referring to the killing of Klodian Rasha as “the event”, he denied that protesters were angered by it and pushed to the street.

“The protests were unrelated to the event [of Klodian Rasha’s killing by a police officer]. The only day of protest, during which we stood in solidarity [with protesters], was the first day, because [the killing] was a very grave event […] Any reaction on the first day could be condoned […]  Protests had no connection to the event,” Dervishi stated.

He then added that those arrested and detained are being questioned by police, intelligence services and prosecutors in order to find the real purpose behind the protests.

“The intelligence structures of the state police, and other intelligence institutions in Albania are working and identifying… there will be results, there will surely be results very soon regarding the purpose of the protests. Some of those who were detained and arrested are being questioned by prosecutors also,” Dervishi said.

Hundreds of youth protested for several days against police brutality following the killing of Rasha.

Minister of Interior Sander Lleshaj resigned as a result, but Prime Minister Edi Rama resisted protesters’ calls for the sacking of Police Director Ardi Veliu, whom they blamed as the mastermind behind a culture of illegal violence and brutality among the police.