From: Exit Staff
Albanian President Appoints 4 High Court Judges, Calls for Speeding Up the Process  

The Albanian High Court has reached the necessary quorum to review all cases after President Ilir Meta appointed four new members on Friday. The Court now has 7 of its 19 judges, but it can handle all cases with a quorum of 5 judges, except for appointing members to the Constitutional Court.

Following proposals by the High Judicial Council (KLGJ), the President appointed Sokol Binaj, Albana Boksi, Sandër Simoni, and Klodian Kurushi to the High Court.

In his decree, Meta reminded the KLGJ that one year has passed since they proposed the first 3 judges, and that the slow rhythm would see the court complete only by 2024.

“This situation is unacceptable to the President of the Republic and it should concern all,” Meta stressed.

He pointed at the challenge imposed to the High Court by the nearly 35,000 backlog cases awaiting to be reviewed after the court was dysfunctional for more than a year.

Meta called on the KLGJ to prioritize proposals to the High Court as a “vital” necessity for the country and its European integration.

The appointments were greeted by the High Court and ambassadors of the EU and US.