From: Exit Staff
Albanian President Condemns ‘Political Dismissal’ of Constitutional Court Member

President Ilir Meta stated that the dismissal of Constitutional Court member Besnik Muçi by the Special Appeal Chamber was political, and it was foretold by the ruling majority’s attack on him. Besnik Muçi, who was appointed only month ago by President Meta, refused to acknowledge the verdict.

In a brief statement for journalists, President Meta said:

Zero surprises from the party vetting; [the verdict on] Besnik Muçi was already announced few days ago by the deputy prime minister [Erion Braçe]. I can confirm that from the first day he took office, he [Muçi] faced political pressure to do his part in the putsch to obstruct Ms Marsida Xhaferllari from exercising her duty as Constitutional Court member.

The President affirmed Albania’s strong relationship with the US, and repeated what he had stated earlier regarding the US Embassy’s suggestion to refer to the Venice Commission about the crisis involving the latest appointments to the Constitutional Court.

The Venice [Commission] has spoken clearly: the president cannot make two appointments. I have made it clear to them. Maybe they work with the constitution of Rama, [Engjell] Agaçi, and [Ardian] Dvorani. Let them come with their experts, not keep their names hidden, and I will show them the Constitution on which I took my oath of office.

The president said those who now want to take the issue to the Venice Commission are “hypocrites”; they didn’t do the same when Arta Marku was elected General Prosecutor, with only 69 of 140 votes, in violation of the Constitution, against Venice Commission’s stance, against the opposition and all other critics.

Meta’s only solution for the constitutional, political, and institutional crisis is a referendum:

At this point, there is only one solution for Edi Rama and certain international clowns. Only a referendum. They can step out with Edi Rama and I will do the same with all Albanians, who must retake the country’s sovereignty in their hands.

The constitutional crisis in Albania further escalated today after the US Embassy suggested, and the ruling Socialist Party confirmed, that they will refer to the Venice Commission for an opinion on new appointments to the Constitutional Court.