From: Exit News
Albanian President Demands Phone Carrier to Provide Information on Messages Sent on His Behalf

Albanian President Ilir Meta has demanded cell phone carrier “One Telecommunications” to provide his office with information regarding the misuse of his personal phone number to send messages to an unspecified number of Albanian phone numbers.

Last week, the President’s office denounced the hacking of his phone number to send insulting and threatening messages to people, seemingly coming from the President’s phone number.

On Monday, President’s Spokesperson Tedi Blushi warned that they will take the issue to international courts, and demanded the company to clarify how and by who those messages were sent. 

“According to the data provided, the manipulated messages were sent from the message center of this telephone company. For this reason, President Meta is waiting for the necessary information from ‘One Telecommunications’ before launching legal proceedings in the international [justice] system,” he stated.

The request sent to the company by the President’s demands information on the “criminal misuse of phone messages” at their precincts. 


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