Albanian President Vetoes Changes in Penal Code: Ambiguity Could Lead to Unjust Sentences

President Ilir Meta turned back to Parliament the amended Penal Code for not providing enough clarity in several of its articles, which could lead to an unfair and unequal implementation.

In yesterday’s decree, President Meta praised the overall amendments in the Penal Code, and laid out some issues regarding the ambiguity of terms and language in certain articles. He added that these issues could bring an unfair implementation of the law and unequal treatment of citizens, particularly while there is no functioning High Court and Constitutional Court.

Both courts are responsible for checking the alignment of new laws with the whole body of existing laws and the Constitution.

In a reaction to the President’s decision, the Socialist Party (PS) defended the amendments and accused the President of “siding with violators of the law.” The head of the PS parliamentary group Taulant Balla stated that changes to the Penal Code will enter force in September, 2019, despite President’s decision.