From: Exit News
Albanian President Demands End of High Court Judge Dvorani’s Mandate

Albanian President Ilir Meta has asked the High Judicial Council (KLGj) and the High Court to end the mandate of High Court judge and Chair of the Justice Appointments Council (KED) Ardian Dvorani.

In a letter Meta sent to the two institutions, he argued that Dvorani’s mandate is up and he has been replaced on the High Court.

KLGj gave Dvorani until 4 pm on Wednesday to give his opinion on the President’s request.

On July 9, 2019, KLGj announced three vacant spots on the High Court, one of which was that of Dvorani. On March 10, 2020, three new judges were appointed to the High Court, thus replacing judge Dvorani.

The end of Dvorani’s term as member of the High Court also implies the end of his term as Chair of KED, since the Constitution and the Law “on governing bodies of the justice system” provides that the KED Chair must be a member of the High Court.

The Albanian Constitution provides that “the end of the mandate of a judge is declared by a decision of the High Court.” Seeing as Dvorani is currently the head of the High Court, this is not very likely to happen. Consequently, President Meta requested the interference of the High Judicial Council.

Ardian Dvorani was appointed to the High Court in 2005. His 9-year term ended in February of 2014. Nonetheless, Dvorani has refused to give up his position, relying on obscure legal loopholes to remain on the High Court, even though the Constitutional Court has determined his term has ended.