Albanian Women Outperform Men in Higher Education in 2019

In 2019, Albanian women significantly outperformed their male counterparts in graduating from tertiary education.

Statistics gathered by INSTAT show that of the 34,891 students that graduated from college or university in that year, 66.4% of them were women. Even in secondary education, the amount of women graduating successfully is higher than men at  52.1% to 47.9%.

Out of all the pupils that graduated in that year, the field with the most students graduating in Business Administration and Law with 27.8%.

There is also a big gender disparity when it comes to what men and women choose to study in further education. Education is a field commonly pursued by women with 81.4% of all graduates being female. Health and Wellbeing are second with 79.1%, Arts and Humanities third with 78.2%, and Natural Sciences and Social Sciences including journalism, also being popular.

Men on the other hand prefer to study Services, followed by Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, and Veterinary, and IT. Just 18.6% of graduates in Education were men and only 20.9 of Health and Welfare.