All High Judicial Council Candidates Have Passed First Round of Vetting

The candidate members of the High Judicial Council have passed the first round of vetting by the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK). Today the KPK passed verdict on the final KLGj candidate and candidate for the Constitutional Court Luan Dervishi.

Dervishi, an appellate judge in Shkodra, was dismissed by the KPK on the basis of incorrect asset declarations and involvement in corruption.

According to Law 115/2016 “On governance institutions of the justice system” art. 7(1), the KLGj includes:

  1. Three of the elected judges are first instance judges. At least 1 (one) of them is a judge of first instance in a court outside Tirana.
  2. Two of the elected judges are appellate judges. At least 1 (one) of them is judge in an appeal court outside Tirana.
  3. One of the elected judges is a judge at the High Court.

Currently, the KLGj candidates who passed vetting by the KPK comprise:

  1. First instance: Manjola Xhaxho, Marçela Shehu, Alma Brati, Astrit Faqolli, Brunilda Kadi, Dritan Hallunaj
  2. Appellate: Ilir Toska, Nertina Kosova, Brikena Ukperaj (Lubonja)
  3. High Court: Medi Bici

However, the Public Commissioner has filed appeals against the confirmation of Alma Brati, Nertina Kosova, and Astrit Faqolli, whereas dismissed candidates Artan Lazaj, Artan Zeneli, and Bledar Abdullai also filed appeals against their dismissal. In all these cases, the Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) still needs to schedule hearings.

The KLGj will likely only be installed once the last verdict in the appeal cases by the KPA has been published.