Another Border Crossing Compromised, Kakavija Customs Let 1.1 Ton Cannabis Pass

Two months after Greek customs captured an Albanian cooling truck filled with 1.1 ton cannabis, the Prosecution of Serious Crimes has ordered the arrest of four police and customs officials employed at the Kakavija border crossing, as well as the owner and driver of the truck.

The investigation of the prosecution revealed that the truck had been subjected to any form of control at the Kakavija border. It was neither checked with the scanner, nor weighed, nor measured, nor was the specifically trained police dog employed to locate any drugs.

This is the second round of drug trafficking-related arrests this month. A week ago, 18 customs officials from the port of Durrës, Qafë-Thana, and Tirana were arrested for allowing the trafficking of over 10 ton of drugs in recent months.

In spite of the actions of the police and the prosecution, the Albanian state continues to be unable or unwilling to dismantle the criminal organizations that run the drug trafficking networks.