From: Exit News
Army Intervenes to Fight Massive Wildfire in Southern Albania

The Albanian army disembarked this morning in the Karaburun Peninsula in Southern Albania to help local authorities respond to a massive wildfire.

For the past three days, wildfires have been ravaging a stretch of mountainous area near the Brisani Bay. Sources told local media that around 10 hectares of land, trees, and bushes have already been burned.

Firefighters and specialists worked through the night to extinguish some 900 meters of fire already. The steepness of the terrain, however, has made larger interventions difficult.

The Municipality of Vlora requested the intervention of the military to help fight the wildfire that could approach the Llogara National Park.

Over the past weeks, the Institute of Geosciences, Energy, Water and Environment had issued warnings that high temperatures put the county of Vlora, where the Karaburun Peninsula is located, at high risk of wildfires.

Last summer, Albania was plagued by fires across the country. Several major cities were all affected, with possibly thousands of hectares destroyed. Countless other olive trees and fruit trees were also decimated by the blaze.

A number of arrests were made during the summer months after the National Agency for Civil Protection announced that most were started deliberately.