From: Exit Staff
Arrests for Illegal Border Crossing and Forged Documents in Albania

A 41-year-old man in Korca has been arrested for forging documents for 33 Albanians so they can gain entry to Greece.

Specialists for the investigation of economic-financial crime made the arrest following the identification of 33 citizens documents that they believed could be forged. Following further investigations, it was found that the individual had filled in the forms through an agency in Pogradec and had charged between 1000 and 1500 ALL per form. 

The materials were handed to the Prosecutor’s office in Korce for the offences of repeated fraud and forgery of documents.

Rinas Border Police Services apprehended 12 other cases of attempted border crossing with forged documents. There were seven cases of forged passports and ID cards, three for providing assistance for illegal crossing, and two for non-declaration of monetary values.

The investigation was carried out with the assistance of equipment donated by the German Embassy to help identify forgeries.