From: Alice Taylor
Ballsh Oil Workers Protesting Again Over Unpaid Salary

Workers from the Ballsh oil refinery have protested again today in front of the plant.

Yesterday, clashes occurred between protestors and the police. They called on the authorities to let them protest peacefully as all they want is their salary that is currently in arrears for almost a year.  

The workers claimed today that Prime Minister Edi Rama met with the company that owes them money. They said they are now waiting for a response and update on the situation. Protestors said they would demonstrate peacefully while waiting for a response. 

On Friday, the oil workers announced that they had given the company ‘Allun’, which manages the refinery, until September 14 to pay the arrears and resume work.

In a protest on Friday, the oil workers said that on Monday, September 14, classes resume and they can not pay the tuition fees of their children, as they have not received any salary for 10 months.

The head of the oil workers’ union, Sokol Dautaj, stated that the company’s representatives had disappeared, although a week ago they promised to sign new employment contracts and pay arrears.