Basha-Rama Meeting Completed, No Agreement Has Been Reached

The meeting between Prime Minister Rama and PD President Lulzim Basha with the presence of President Nishani, was completed minutes ago.

OraNews sources from the Democratic Party suggest that no agreement has been reached on resolving the political crisis.

Prime Minister Rama, who was accompanied in this by the head of the PS parliamentary group Gramoz Ruçi and the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Ëngjëll Agaçi, left the Presidency’s premises.

Meanwhile, Mister Lulzim Basha, accompanied by the head of parliamentary group Edi Paloka, is still in the meeting with President Nishani.

Prime Minister Rama did not make any statement to reporters at the moment of leaving the meeting. Lulzim Basha is expected to head towards the “tent of protest” to meet with opposition supporters after the meeting.