Basha Responds to Election Report

In a press statement opposition leader Lulzim Basha has responded to the report released yesterday by the technical ministers in the Rama Government before they resigned.

According to Basha, the report shows that

in these elections every possible method and means have been used to influence the vote: the vote was bought with money and favors, voters were directly and indirectly threatened with physical and psychological violence and economic pressure, the counting of the votes was manipulated. Criminals were activated during the elections, drugs money was used, and also money from governmental corruption. The administration was involved and public means and sources were used.

The opposition leader also claimed that the technical ministers, which had been a part of the government since the agreement between Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition leader Lulzim Basha a month before the elections, had been “sabotaged”:

The technical ministers were sabotage, left without funds and sources; high officials refused to collaborate and didn’t follow their orders; responsible institutions just held up appearances or didn’t do anything. All of this happened in a total absence of political will of Edi Rama to fulfill his obligations that he accepted before the Albanians and the international community.