From: Alice Taylor
British Knitters Send Over 500 Hats to Albanian Children Impacted by Earthquake

500 hats, knitted by people in the UK are on their way to Albania to be distributed to children affected by the 26 November earthquake.

A woman started the appeal shortly after the quake and reported receiving over 500 woolly hats from all over the UK. The first batches will be posted this week in order to arrive in time for Christmas. They will be heading to Durres and Korce which was also impacted by an earthquake in 2019.

The hats include typical beanies, bonnets, berets, and balaclavas and have been designed to fit children between the ages of two and 12. They were handmade by individuals and local knitting groups.

Ms Peacock, the woman who started the initiative said many of the knitters had included letters to her noting they were feeling isolated and sad during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. Knitting the hats had brought them some happiness, she said.

The project ends on 15 November when the last package will make its way from the UK to Albania.

The earthquake killed 51 people and left thousands homeless. Many are still living in tents or substandard or even dangerous accommodation.