From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Catholic Church in Albania Cancels Activities, Police and Army Continue Checking Citizens

While all urban transport has been stopped in Tirana and Durres, the government is providing special transportation for doctors and nurses.

The Catholic Church in Albania has also taken a decision to suspect all diocesan and parish activities throughout the country. Churches will remain open for personal praying and funerals can take place but steps will be taken to avoid a large gathering of people. A similar decision was taken by the Islamic community earlier in the week.

Bars, cafes and restaurants have been closed by government order in Tirana and Durres but venues in other cities including Fier, Korca, Vlora and Elbasn have also followed suit. All public transport will cease at 12 today and schools remain closed.

The Order of Albanian Dentists has called on dental surgeons and nurses to stop working and close their clinics until at least 3 April.

Police and army patrols have been deployed across the country and police cars are in the streets playing a recorded message, asking people to return to their homes. People have been asked to remain in their homes unless in case of emergency. Anyone who suspects they are ill or requires medical attention should call 127.

Those who have returned from Italy or Greece after 27 February are obligated by law to self-quarantine for a period of two weeks from the date of arrival in Albania. Refusal to so do results in a financial penalty of up to EUR 5000, according to Prime Minister Edi Rama. You can find information on self-quarantine here.

In America, the NBA has suspended all games and President Donald Trump has banned all flights coming from Europe.

There are now more than 126,643 identified cases globally and some 4,638 deaths, and 68,325 recovered.