Check-Up Concession Holder Receives Millions for Doing Nothing

For the third year in a row, the medical check-up concession holder keeps profiting off of the taxpayers without fulfilling its duties.

According to information published by the Social Security Fund, in 2017, the concessionary company 3P Life Logistic received payment for 445 thousand check-ups, as dictated in its contract. In reality, however, only 316,601 check-ups have taken place, that is, only 71% of its predicted workload.

So, the taxpayers have paid the company for 128,399 check-ups that were never carried out.

In 2017, 3P Life Logistic was paid 876 million lekë (approximately €6.5 million) out of the state budget. According to the contract signed by the company and the government, the cost of one check-up is 1537 lekë. Therefore, for the 316,601 check-ups that have taken place, the company should have only been paid 486 million lekë (approximately €3.6 million). So, the company has received €2.9 million for doing nothing.

In 2016 and 2015, too, the concessionary company has received millions without providing any service in return. This, due to the fact that the contract the government has signed with the company dictates that the company will be paid for 445 thousand check-ups per year, whether or not said check-ups ever take place.

3P Life Logistic, the company established for the management of the concession that concludes in 2024, is a consortium made up by companies Marketing & Distribution at 80% and Trimed at 20%.

Marketing & Distribution is owned entirely by Vilma Nushi, whereas Trimed is owned with equal shares by Nushi and Shani Peposhi.