From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Citizens in Tirana Living in Earthquake Damaged Properties, Still Haven’t Received Government Rental Bonus

Citizens in Tirana are living in unsafe, earthquake-damaged properties due to a lack of support from the Municipality, according to reports from Ora News.

Residents on Rruga Myslym Keta are still living in homes damaged by the 26 November earthquake due to a lack of rental bonus or any option of alternative accommodation. Some have stated that they have not received any help from the Municipality or government and have had no choice but to return to their homes, living with the risk that they could collapse.

One citizen told Ora News that “I didn’t even get 5 lek” from the Municipality. Even those who were granted the bonus, said they have not yet received January’s payment meaning they have been unable to pay the rent for this month.

“We got the bonus in December, now the next month there is nothing for us,” one told the Ora journalist.

“What will I do with 180,000 ALL?” another said.

For many, the government bonus doesn’t stretch far enough as rental prices in the capital are getting higher.

Exit spoke to a citizen whose home was demolished in Student City, due to being damaged. She was initially told she had to find her own property and should be thankful she wasn’t living in a tent. She then applied for the rental bonus almost six weeks ago after finding a property but has still not received it.

“The lady told me that it hasn’t been transferred to the system yet and I haven’t been able to pay my rent yet,” she told Exit.