From: Janusz Bugajski
Comment: Moscow Plans The Next Balkan War

The Biden administration has focused its foreign policy on countering a rising China. A bi-partisan consensus has emerged in Washington that China is America’s most dangerous global adversary. And in order to zero in on confronting Beijing, the White House has been seeking more “stable and predictable” relations with Russia. In reality, fostering unpredictability and instability are Moscow’s two core strategies for undermining the West and it has no reason to relinquish them.

As the White House is preoccupied with China’s growing military power and its threats against U.S. allies in the Far East, the Kremlin can subvert other regions. Benefiting from White House distractions it can help ignite new conflicts, and the Western Balkans remain a primary target of opportunity. The recent dispute at the Kosova-Serbia border over the recognition of license plates looks like a test run for more serious confrontations. Russian officials are encouraging the government of President Aleksandar Vučić to transform Serbia into the dominant power in the Western Balkans and thereby increase Russia’s leverage with Washington and Brussels.

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