Democratic Party Seeks Resignation of Speaker of Parliament Ruçi

The Democratic Party has today sought the resignation of Speaker of Parliament Gramoz Ruçi, after violating the Constitution on December 18 by electing a Temporary Prosecutor General.

In a press declaration, PD parliamentary group leader Edmond Spaho stressed that in the last session of Parliament in 2017, Prime Minister Edi Rama, with the approval of Ruçi, has “staged a constitutional coup,” allowing the election of a Temporary Prosecutor General through a simple majority even though the Constitution requires a 3/5 majority of all members of Parliament to vote in favor of a candidate proposed by the High Prosecutorial Council and after vetting of the candidates.


Spaho further claimed that the election of Arta Marku as Temporary Prosecutor General has offered political and illegal protection to Prime Minister Rama, his friends, and the oligarchs:

Under these conditions the opposition cannot allow the permanent violation of the Constitution and the delegitimization of the institutions and forcefully protects it and the democratic institutions. As a first step to return to normality in Parliament, we seek the resignation of Gramoz Ruçi from the function of Speaker of Parliament.