Deputy US Ambassador Muniz: Corruption Is Widespread, No New Investments

In an interview for Gazeta Shqiptare, Deputy US Ambassador David Muniz spoke about corruption and the obstacles its brings for economic development through new investments.

We don’t see as many investments as we would like to. We want to see more investments and we want to see the economical relation is vital, because it is a good sign for both countries when we share a strong economic relation.

There are several challenges for American investors in Albania. There is the issue of corruption about we’ve spoken a lot as regards foreign investments.

According to Deputy Ambassador Muniz, such corruption is “very widespread,” and often related to public procurement procedures:

I will also mention public tenders. We always urge the government to be transparent, open, and effective in the way in which it manages public tenders.

The US diplomat stated further that the “battle against corruption is important to change this image” of Albania, and that the judicial reform is a key aspect in realizing that change.