EU Ambassador: We Cannot Intervene in the National Theater Case

On Monday, representatives from the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater met with the new EU Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca, in order to discuss the issue of the demolition of the National Theater building.

The main concern discussed was the passing of an unconstitutional law that sanctions the demolition of the National Theater, in order to then use the land for private construction, at a time when the country’s Constitutional Court has been rendered non-functional as a result of the Justice Reform.

Keeping in mind international interference in many previous cases, the Alliance declared that it considered EU non-action in the National Theater case to be a double standard.

In a public statement following the meeting, the Alliance affirmed that “despite continuous attempts at reaching a joint stance, the two parties [the Alliance and the EU delegation] hold different views when it comes to the issue of the Theater, but also with regards to political developments in the country that have lead up to this moment.”

According to the Alliance, the EU Ambassador claimed that the European Commission and the EU delegation couldn’t express their views regarding internal constitutional and legal issues, as that would constitute overstepping their jurisdiction.

Among other things, Soreca stated that the Justice Reform is an initiative of Albanian institutions, with no international interference, thus the EU delegation will aid in speeding the reform process up, but cannot act outside of that role.

The Alliance said that its representatives warned Soreca that they are ready to protect the National Theater building, be it by physical force if needed.