From: Exit News
EU Chief Diplomat Against Kosovo-Serbia Land Swap

EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell is in favor of an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia that does not involve land swap.

RFE/REL reports that Borrell warned land swap between Kosovo and Serbia may have a ‘domino effect’ on the entire region. “The best thing to do,” he said, “is maintain the status quo.”

Borrell stated that although any agreement must necessarily have the support of both Kosovo and Serbia, the two countries cannot act any way they want, as their actions may have collateral consequences in the region.

Earlier this month, Borrell refused to exclude exchange of territories as an option for a Kosovo-Serbia deal, but EU envoy Miroslav Lajcak stated the option was not on EU’s agenda.

Regarding the role of the United States in the dialogue, Borrell said that the EU “is not racing” the US. Nonetheless, he pointed out that the dialogue was started by the EU. “If the US wants to help,” he said, “this is a good thing. Let them give us a hand.” Earlier this week, Borrell had emphasized that the EU-led dialogue is the way toward the EU integration for Kosovo and Serbia.

Borrell also announced that the dialogue will restart as soon as Kosovo’s internal political situation stabilizes.