From: Exit Staff
EU Condemns Serbian President’s Provocative Instagram Post on Kosovo

The European Union reacted following an Instagram post by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic comprising of a map of Kosovo, filled with the Serbian flag.

The EU told Prishtina-based TV Klan Kosova, that it has always called on all political actors in Serbia, Kosovo, and other regional countries to promote and create an atmosphere conducive to reconciliation, regional stability and cooperation, “and not the other way around”.

They added that Serbia and Kosovo should refrain from actions and statements that do not serve to the normalization of relations.

Vucic did not make any comment about his post.

Former ambassador of Kosovo to the United States of America, Vlora Citaku said called it a serious aggression.

“This is not a parody account. This is the official account of the President of Serbia […] This is serious verbal aggression and should be condemned as such. Kosovo is Kosovo. Period.” Citaku wrote on Twitter.

Kosovo’s former chief negotiator in the talks with Serbia, Edita Tahiri said that the “new provocation” by Vucic shows “his hegemonic mindset”.

“Once in the Brussels Dialogue when he provoked in a similar way, I responded to him by saying “you seem to miss the NATO bombings”. I’m telling him again!,” Tahiri wrote on Twitter.

Also, the Albanian Minister of Diaspora, Pandeli Majko reacted to Vucic’s post.

He said that Kosovo’s sovereignty is guaranteed by NATO and not by Instagram.

Gavrilo Princip’s role in the time of European integration is not well understood. Serbia must not capitulate in front of its impossibilities! Not even on Instagram!,” Majko wrote on Facebook.

Kosovo was liberated from Serbia in 1999, following an air bombing campaign by NATO which helped the Kosovo Liberation Army fight against Serbian forces. It declared its independence in 2008 and has been recognized by over 100 countries.