From: Exit Staff
EU, US Offer Strong Support for Special Prosecution and Rule of Law

EU Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca met with the Head of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK) Arben Kraja today, “to discuss challenges” face by the new institution.

“Very productive meeting today with the Chair of SPAK Mr. Arben Kraja. We discussed SPAK’s challenges as new institution. We also exchanged on repartition of competencies with General Prosecution and local offices, and on implementation of the new law on preventive measure,” Soreca twitted after the meeting.

US Ambassador Yuri Kim retweeted Soreca’s message, adding that “US strongly supports rule of law in Albania. SPAK must succeed!”

SPAK is currently testing candidates for the head of the National Bureau of Investigations (BKH), modeled after the FBI. Both EU and US embassies have closely monitored the process and informed the public recently.

Soreca’s meeting with Kraja and Kim’s decisive, strong message about the US support of rule of law and SPAK come amidst a government anti-crime operation based on recently passed laws. They provide that a special police unit will send SPAK the asset declarations of those suspected to have accumulated wealth through criminal activities. SPAK will have 15 days to decide whether to take the case to the special court or not.

The legal changes have drawn public criticism, with numerous analysts arguing that they create a special police unit with extra-judiciary powers at the hands of prime minister, which can be abused, erode the rule of law and negatively affect the work of SPAK.

EU and US embassies supported the government’s legal changes. However, they have warned that they will closely follow their implementation, which must abide to the rule of law.