European Council President Tusk: Your Challenge Is To Convince EU Member States

During an official visit to Tirana, European Council President Donald Tusk stated the following.

What you have accomplished is enough to open accession negotiations. It will be challenging to convince all EU Member States [to approve opening accession negotiations with Western Balkans countries.] This process will resemble a obstacle race more than a highway, but the EU and the Western Balkans belong together.

Additionally, Tusk congratulated Albania for receiving a positive recommendation from the European Commission and stressed the need for reforms and fighting against crime and corruption:

The recommendation is proof of the great efforts you have made and the positive political project you are getting ready to start. EU negotiations are not easy but let me tell you, that they are worth it. It will not happen overnight, there will be many challenges and much hard work along the way, startin with securing the rule of law, fighting organized crime and the ambitious Justice Reform.

Tusk arrived in Tirana yesterday for an official visit as part of a Balkans tour during which he will be meeting the leaders of Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia.