From: Exit Staff
European Court of Human Rights Dismisses Albanian Vetting Case

The Strasbourg court has dismissed the first lawsuit by an Albanian magistrate who was fired by the vetting process.

Judging the lawsuit of Altina Xhoxhaj, the European Court of Human Rights has assessed that the vetting bodies in Albania have been legally established.

The court ruled that there was no violation of due process and that the KPC and KPA had acted in accordance with the law in Xhoxhaj’s case.

This is the first decision of the Court regarding the Albanian vetting process.

Xhoxhaj was fired on May 3, 2018, due to property problems. The decision was taken by the KPC body Etleda Çiftja, Brunilda Bekteshi, and Genta Bundo.

The issue was raised because she cohabited with an individual in 2003 to who she was not related, or married. At this time, the individual bought a property with their savings. Then in 2005, the property was registered in the name of both, and the mortgage issued with both names.

Xhoxhaj alleges that there were violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms during the vetting process by the Independent Qualification Commission and the Appellate Panel.