EPP Chair Daul: Fight against Drugs Is Crucial

Chairman of the European People’s Party (EPP) Josef Daul, after the telephone conversation with PD leader Lulzim Basha stated that:

The objective of today’s video conference was first and foremost to call on our member party in Albania to constructively contribute towards a solution leading to DP’s participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections and to maintaining calm and restraining from any kind of violence.

The EPP and its member party DP share the view that a stronger fight against drugs is crucial both for Albania as well as for the EU. I commend our member party for putting the fight against drugs at the top of political agenda.

The registration and the participation in the upcoming elections of all parties is indispensable.

I also reiterated that any boycotts of elections or of the Parliament are by no means in line with the standards of the European Union or the EPP.

In this context, I was reassured by the DPA that the party will engage in further constructive negotiations with the ruling majority on order to find a solution to this end.

[I] call on all parties to sincerely engage in finding a political solution.