Former PS Deputy Kokëdhima Calls for “Boycott” of Elections

Entering the game a little bit late, former PS deputy Koço Kokëdhima has called for a boycott of the upcoming elections. On his Facebook page he wrote:

Boycott the elections of June 25! Albanian doesn’t hold free and fair elections. The political elite isn’t restored. If you are forced by the repression of the government to go to elections, put a large Z across the entire voting ballot and turn your vote into a refusal of this discredited political class!

Kokëdhima was one of the first politicians to lose his mandate under the decriminalization law, after being accused by the Democratic Party of abuses with public procurement procedures. The Constitutional Court stripped him in May 2016 of his mandate.

Before his fall from grace, Kokëdhima was known informally as the PS “commissar of the south.” In July 2016 Kokëdhima left the PS as well.

Ever since, Kokëdhima has been waging a one-man campaign inside and outside the PS for his Movement, then Party Zgjidhja (Solution), which has not been registered as an electoral subject at the Central Election Commission (KQZ).

Borrowing words previously uttered by opposition leader Lulzim Basha, Kokëdhima’s “Zorro” action is unlikely to have serious impact, except, perhaps, a comical one.

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