General Prosecutor Llalla: Police Avoids Prosecution in Battle against Drugs

In a press conference today General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla has expressed his worries about the low rate of identification if drug traffickers by the executive institutions, such as the State Police.

It is worrying that from the other executive institutions, which are charged with the control of the country and the verification of those cases, there is a very low percentage of the perpetrators of those criminal acts [that is identified].

Prosecutor Llalla said that the avoidance of the Prosecution in the management of material proofs, especially in the case of narcotics, is a violation of the law:

They continuously publicize data that every day they confiscate considerable amounts of narcotics, destroy narcotics, while on the other side there is nearly complete exclusion of the prosecutors in the way in which those narcotics are managed, confiscated, and destroyed.

In all cases, narcotics, just like any other proof, need to be destroyed in the presence of the Prosecution.

He called upon all prosecutors to denounce cases when material proofs are destroyed in violation of the law.

I ask you again to start in all cases when there are doubts that material proofs are destroyed in an illegal way investigations whether these narcotics or any other substance or material proof are not destroyed or managed in the way that is prescribed by the law, to start investigations and to bring the perpetrators to legal accountability.