From: Exit Staff
German MEP: Albania has Not Met EU Conditions for Opening of Negotiations

MEP Michael Gahler stated that the Albanian government has violated the June 5 agreement and has not met some of the conditions for the opening of negotiations with the EU.

Through a Facebook post, Gahler also criticized Prime Minister Edi Rama for his stance on EU aid.

Gahler says the government should not provoke European friends by denying the terms or making deals with third parties in violation of EU law. He also said the government has slandered the EU.

He also observed that the issue of the proposed “anti-defamation package” has not been resolved and that those government officials involved in vote rigging have escaped prosecution. Furthermore, he said, judges and senior government officials have escaped prosecution for corruption and money laundering remains unaddressed.

Finally, he said that the constitutionality of the June 2019 elections has not been clarified and the establishment of new judicial institutions is slow.

He added that he will continue to speak out on these concerns.

“These are the issues that I have raised in European forums and I will continue to raise for the sake of the country’s credibility and rapid progress towards membership.”

The German MEP is a member of the Christian Democratic Party, the same family of parties as the Democratic Party.