From: Exit Staff

Minister for Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj has announced the value of monetary donations made by citizens and businesses to cope with the consequences of the devastating November 26 earthquake.

During the meeting of the National Reconstruction Committee, Ahmetaj announced that so far the following have been gathered:

  • 65,57 million ALL from 6165 donors in the e-Albania portal;
  • 414.2 million ALL donated through banks or other forms;
  • EUR 8.64 million donated through banks or other forms;
  • $ 1.01 million donated through banks or other forms;
  • EUR 21 million pledged by EU, EBRD, Kosovo, United Arab Emirates, Hungary etc.

Ahmetaj said the government is currently working to complete the draft with total earthquake costs by January, ready for the Donors’ Conference, and reconstruction will begin later:

“We should have the final draft in January so that when we are discussing and approaching the Donor Conference date we will have the final draft.

The beginning of April will be the beginning of massive construction on the territory, while in rural areas it will be almost two months ahead. “

He added that during this period Durres and Tirana have been cleared from the rubble, while in Thumana work is still being done.

Minister Ahmetaj announced that the government has drafted a package of fiscal convenience for companies to be included in the Reconstruction Program, such as VAT exemption and infrastructure impact tax.

Prime Minister Rama also informed citizens of the three main objectives of the government for 2020, regarding the reconstruction program. They are:

– By 2020 all those who live in villages and who for legitimate reasons have not moved into the rental accommodation in urban areas, but have simply requested a winter tent in the yards, should move into new homes. No one will spend New Year 2021 in tents.

– Hospitals, health centres and schools should be built within 9 months. The new school year for children who have lost their schooling should start in new schools, much better than the ones we had before the earthquake.

– Construction of new neighbourhoods has begun within the first 6 months. By the end of 2021, most of the accommodation in the new apartments of the tenants that are renting today will have been finished.