From: Die Morina van Uijtregt
Government Has No Information on Serbia’s Vaccination in North of Kosovo

The government of Kosovo has no information about vaccines entering legally from Serbia.

“Based on information from the Customs and Border Police, there is no data that vaccines against Covid-19, which are said to have been distributed to citizens in the north of the country, have entered the territory of Kosovo in an official, legal way,” a government statement issued on Saturday reads.

It follows an announcement by Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic on Friday that Serbia started vaccination in the Serb-majority northern municipalities in Kosovo.

“If these vaccines have entered Kosovo through illegal channels, then the institutions of Kosovo will take the necessary legal measures against persons involved in this illegal drug smuggling activity”, the government noted.

It recalls that every medical product entering the Republic of Kosovo must be subject to import rules, whether donation or regular import, with a product authorization issued by the Kosovo Agency for Medical Products and Equipment.

“If a product does not follow this regular procedure, it is considered an illegal product, and the competent bodies take the necessary legal actions,” statement reads.

The Serbian government was the first to get vaccines in the region, thanks to an early-signed contract with Pfizer.