Government Shuts Down Landfills, Favors Waste Incinerators

On Wednesday, the government has ordered the shutdown of all existing waste landfills that are located near incinerators. The government’s decision concerning waste landfills states:

In any case, it is forbidden to deposit or treat solid waste in an existing landfill when a regional waste facility is in place in that waste area, which complies with environmental and technical standards.

The purpose of this decision is monopolizing the waste management industry.

For at least two years, the Rama government has been focusing visibly on the waste collection and incineration industry, granting construction permits for several incinerator plants, and landfills, as well as reintroducing the law for importing waste to the parliament for approval.

The three concessions for the Fier, Elbasan, and Tirana Incinerators, all traceable to the same owner, will cost about €236 million. The Elbasan Incinerator PPP has a 7-year duration, a €28 million price tag and went to Albtek Energy; the Fier Incinerator PPP has a 6-year duration, will cost the state €28 million and went to Integrated Technology Waste Treatment Fier, while the Tirana Incinerator PPP has a 30-year duration, a €180 million price tag and went to Integrated Energy B.V. shpk.