From: Exit Staff
Government to Rebuild 25 Areas Damaged by Albanian Earthquake

The Albanian government has approved 18 areas in which housing will be built for families left homeless by the November 26 earthquake, whilst seven other areas are awaiting a decision.  

In a press release on Friday, Minister of Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj stated that the implementation of construction projects would start on 6 February, and that nine of these areas will be in Tirana.

Ahmetaj said a total of 75 service offices have been opened in the earthquake-affected areas. He urged the citizens to apply in the online platform, and added that about 200 families have applied the first few days.

The reconstruction areas are in Tirana (9), Krujë (3), Kurbin (2), Durrës (1), Vorë (1), Kavajë (1), and Shijak (1).

In a separate Facebook post, Prime Minsiter Edi Rama announced that a final decision on 7 more areas will be made soon, in Krujë, Kamëz, Lezhë, Durrës, Kavajë, Shijak and Kurbin.