From: Exit Staff
Grenell: No Political Talks between Kosovo and Serbia, Focus on Economy  

US President Donald Trump’s envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell has stated that talks on political issues won’t be part of the meeting between the two parties at the White House on Thursday.

A few hours before the meeting, Grenell tweeted that he had heard the people’s voice during his visit to Prishtina and Belgrade earlier this year, and that he will push hard for them to have jobs, careers and ties to the West. 

The people of Kosovo and Serbia deserve economic normalization and the chance to create a vibrant economy. Today I am focused on the young people who want a career, a good job and a connection to the West.

I’ve heard you. And I will push hard for you. Let’s put politics aside!” Grenell tweeted.

Kosovo and Serbia leaders are meeting today at the White House to discuss economic collaboration. The parties are expected to sign three deals that were agreed in letters of intent before: establishing airline, highway and railway connection between the two countries.

Whilst the Kosovo leaders claim that they are sitting in talks to get an agreement on mutual recognition, Serbia categorically denies it would ever recognize Kosovo.

Today’s talks are expected to start shortly.