From: Exit News
High Inspector of Justice to Investigate 18 Albanian Magistrates for Judicial Misconduct

The High Inspector of Justice (ILD) will investigate 18 magistrates to verify if they have breached their legal duties by granting unwarranted early releases, delaying investigative procedures, or violating ethical principles.

In a press release published on Wednesday, the ILD announced that since February 1, 2020, over 3,900 complaints have been filed against magistrates across the country, 90% of them coming directly from citizens.

For the sake of transparency, the High Inspector of Justice will evaluate any allegations made towards the magistrates while they were on and off duty.

In February 2021, the High Inspector of Justice also signed an agreement with the General Prosecutor Olsian Çela to cooperate in investigating and discovering violations by magistrate prosecutors.

The Inspector of Justice was created within the framework of Albania’s justice reform. It is responsible for reviewing complaints and investigating disciplinary violations against judges and prosecutors.